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PokePay payment platform, an advanced Global multi-currency payment designed for global users. The platform provides a diversified, multi-currency IBAN account system, supporting a variety of mainstream legal currencies including US dollars, euros, and pounds. Users can make fast and secure cross-border transfers and consumption through these accounts.

PokePay pays special attention to the seamless integration and fiat currencies, providing users with a flexible and efficient way to manage funds. Whether online or offline, users can easily use PokePay to pay in a variety of application scenarios, including shopping, dining, travel, air tickets, hotels, etc. In addition, the platform provides multiple layers of security measures such as identity verification and end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety of users’ funds and personal information.

PokePay is also committed to providing a user-friendly interface and convenient operating experience, making the use and management of crypto assets easier and easier to understand. In addition, the platform also provides 7×24-hour professional customer support to help users solve any problems encountered during use.

PokePay payment platform is an innovative platform that provides comprehensive solutions for the modern financial ecosystem, suitable for all individual and corporate users seeking convenient and secure financial services.

Team introduction

  • Olivia
    PokePay CEO / RO / Co-founder

    Graduated from Cass Business School, City University London - Bachelor of Actuarial Science
    IFoA member, OYSA HK Price owner.
    Director - Chief Investment Officer, GERC, Germany
    Responsible for Financing (Angel Investment and Venture Capital Management), Head of AGET Blockchain and DeFi Research Department (Protocols/Lending/Security Token Collateral for Money Market Bonds, Real Estate), Head of Trading Department (Cryptocurrency, DeFi Market Research ).
    Bank of England - FX and Equity Market Strategist
    Track and forecast emerging markets by studying past and current price evolution (FX, fixed income and equities), delivering globally consistent emerging scenarios relevant to multiple markets, assets and time frames through regular global commentary and comprehensive synthesis.

  • Belen
    PokePay CMO & Co-founder

    Graduated from the University of Glasgow, UK - Corporate Finance
    Work experience
    Bank of Ireland - Head of Financial & Crypto Strategy Research Group
    Focus on new advanced arithmetic models for specialized strategies and high-frequency betting, lead the establishment of the A-team, lead the business in Europe's fastest growing region, cultivate and develop cryptocurrency culture, analyze, coordinate and proactively execute operations to increase SRGWC's Revenue and Profitability.
    APF Consulting Lab Netherlands - Financial Competitive and Strategic Intelligence Manager
    Implementing modern portfolio allocation methods specifically serving the affluent segment, as a partner to the world's most prominent hedge funds, asset managers and traders at 200 of the world's largest commercial and investment banks.
    UK Marketing Team – PM
    Yahoo! Green team member.

PokePay Global multi-currency payment

PokePay protects your assets in global technology, life, trade, and consumption.