Physical card

Swipe card, ATM, Support multi-currency payment

Apply online
No appointment required
Worldwide shipping
Virtual card

Consumption, subscription, overseas shopping, global payment

Open the card in 10 seconds and use it immediately
Open multiple card segments as you wish
Multiple ways to store value in fiat currency
VA account

Transfers, sending and receiving orders, US and Hong Kong stocks, securities deposits and withdrawals

100+ countries connected to the network
Free exchange of mainstream legal currencies
Collection and payment services available worldwide
Immediately arrived
PokePay Advantages
Rich usage scenarios
  • Supports online and offline consumption scenarios
  • Supports all platforms (Meituan, Didi, Starbucks, Amazon, etc.)
  • Payment binding (Alipay, Paypal, AppleStore, GooglePay, etc.)
  • Overseas service subscription (AWS, Nefilx, GPT, Azure, etc.)
  • Advertising costs (GoogleAD, FacebookAD, etc.)
  • Airlines, hotels, supermarkets, etc.
Paymentis more stable
  • Combine state-of-the-art technology and expertise to simplify KYC and deploy automated AML anti-money laundering systems to respond more quickly to new regulations and continue to deliver the highest compliance standards
  • Hold MSB, MSO and other licenses to provide customers with more comprehensive, safer and sustainable services
  • Conduct business activities in accordance with the regulations of local supervisory agencies and financial bureaus, and promote compliance operations among different regions, functional departments and teams
Real-timelimit management
  • Using a strongly typed static compiled language, it perfectly supports millisecond high concurrency services and provides customers with real-time quota management and clearer pipelines.
  • The decentralized server splits different modules in terms of functions and architecture to improve the speed of data acquisition by users in any region around the world.

License supervision

Compliance-first guarantee service, holds financial licenses from the United States, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations of regulatory agencies.

Fund custody

Strict fund security measures have been adopted. The financial fiat currency solution has obtained compliance inspection and recognition from cooperative banks and institutions.

Risk control security

Real-time monitoring of transactions, combined with complete AML anti-money laundering monitoring algorithms and various financial industry blacklists, to protect your transactions

PokePay Global multi-currency payment

PokePay protects your assets in global technology, life, trade, and consumption.